Turning Point Arrives in Fleetwood

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Turning Point USA is the nation’s biggest conservative movement across thousands of universities and high schools.

A common misconception of the organization is that it preaches Republican propaganda. In this day and age, there are various different kinds of Republicans. TP USA just focuses on promoting American freedom, the free market, and limited government.

On Valentine’s Day 2019, Fleetwood’s Turning Point chapter met with Kutztown University’s chapter to discuss a possible road map as well as what the organization entails. Fleetwood’s chapter is still developing since switching to a new adviser, Mrs. Favata. Until Fleetwood can get a steady foothold, a partnership with KU is a likely and welcome future.

That is not to say the future is grim for the club. KU’s TP USA president, James Stevens, has been rumored to be in contact with Will Witt of PragerU. Will Witt is a very popular spokesperson from a wildly successful conservative outfit known as Prager University. In the near future, he may make a surprise appearance at the campus. Students from Fleetwood and KU will be able to hear him speak. This should boost registration for both of the chapters. In addition, TP USA members from KU go on trips to country- wide chapter events to hear other conservative speakers, including Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, and Charlie Kirk.

According to the president of the Kutztown University chapter, what’s mind boggling is that Fleetwood is the first high school in the county and is among one of the first high school’s in the state to establish a chapter. To put that into perspective, there are 1,300 chapters across the country as of February 2019, and TP USA is expanding into the United Kingdom as well.

At the meeting, James Stevens taught Fleetwood students about his Be You Initiative. It was all about how to engage in discussions with people of opposing views. Four major points of the initiative on how to deal with criticism are to Be Presentable, Be Open, Be Accepting, and Be a Good Listener. To elaborate, a person must keep a calm posture, dress appropriately, and be welcoming if he or she is to even think about changing someone’s mind.

Being open and accepting is all about finding common ground with the opposing person. If a person can find a similarity in beliefs and/or background, he or she can understand another’s views. Lastly, and the hardest, one should be a good listener. He or she must remain civil and take turns discussing his or her points of view. When taken out of context, lashing out and interrupting is no way to go. Instead, one should remain collective and wait for his or her turn to speak.

If you or another student you know has any interest in joining, Fleetwood’s chapter asks you to remain patient until a new adviser is selected and funding can get underway. Right now, students can go check out KU’s Turning Point USA chapter. Meetings are in the Student Union building every Thursday.

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