Random Cheese: What is your favorite place to travel?

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  • Paige Garrett ( Grade 11)–“Clearwater beach in Florida, because they have the best waves for surfing and they have the best sunsets, and that’s where I have a lot of good memories with my dad.”
  • Kenzie Miller (Grade 10)–“I love any beach really; the freeness of the ocean and the waves, it just  all feels so amazing.”
  • Dan Arisme (Grade 11)–“I like Virginia Beach because of the pretty views and the nice people.”
  • Jessica Merzy (Grade 11)–“NYC because the liveliness of it all.”
  • Sydney Mahmood (Grade 11)–“My favorite place is probably California.  I went when I was younger, and it was really beautiful.”
  • Gage Moyer (Grade 9)–“I like Myrtle beach because that’s where my family  vacations, and it is really fun.”
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