Field of Screams 2019 Scares Again

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The Field of Screams owner Jim Schopf invites student press out for an all-expense paid evening to his attractions. Attendees received four VIP passes, access to an open-air VIP lounge, a buffet, and the ability to skip all lines. Fleetwood students senior Kyler Tregear, senior Jamin Valick, and his younger brother Jaiden Valick attended this year’s Field of Screams press event with Tiger Times reporter, Aaron Poper.

The consensus was overwhelmingly positive.

“Typically, I’m not one to be easily scared, but at times I was genuinely terrified. The actors were great at playing their part and staying in character. The props and costumes were awesome. I was always on my feet trying to prepare myself for the next scare,” Jamin Valick said. 

Field of Screams’ four attractions are called Den of Darkness, Frightmare Asylum, Nocturnal Wasteland, and Haunted Hayride. When attending, keep in mind that participants are subject to physical contact with the actors.

“The actors were very physical. One even gave me a massage! I offered a tip, but he was unwilling to accept,” Jamin Valick said.

“My previous experiences of haunted attractions were frightening, but the key thing that made the Field of Screams so much scarier was they could touch you. The actors would jump out and grab you, scaring the heck out of you. The one thing I thought was the scariest was the people with chainsaws. They would come at you with a real chainsaw with the teeth taken out and run it across your leg, making it feel like it was real,” Jaiden Valick said. 

Everyone’s favorite attraction was the Haunted Hayride.

“My Favorite attraction was the haunted hayride because of how many different themes were prevalent, and the actors could climb up and get in your face,” Tregear said.

“My favorite attraction was the haunted hayride. The feeling of being stuck on the ride and not having the freedom to move around really added to the terror. The feeling of anticipation at each stop kept the attraction interesting the entire ride,” Jamin Valick said.

What makes Field of Screams different from all other Halloween attractions was the emphasis on detail and props. Every bit, including the floors and ceilings, was made specifically for each individual room through which participants walked. Nothing felt as if it was copied and pasted or generic. 

If going through Halloween attractions and getting scared out of your mind sounds like something of a good time, Field of Screams is a place worthy to be checked out.

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