Record Number of Students Participating in Internships

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The tides of Fleetwood Area High School are changing after a record-breaking number of students are participating in Internships.

Senior Daniel Arisme loves to talk about the ins and outs of his internship experience. He has an internship at a physical therapy ward. Arisme has to do seven-and-a-half hours of work a week. Those seven hours may consist of “providing hot and cold packs and helping people with their exercises,” Arisme said.

Physical therapy has always been an option for him.

“I’ve always been looking into physical therapy because of my background in weightlifting and conventional stretching,” Arisme said.

Last spring, Dan was weighing his options for next year and years beyond.

“I was lucky enough to have Mr. Engelhardt reach out to me to make me aware of this internship opportunity,” Arisme said.

Almost a month into the school year, Arisme sees the true value of the internship.

“It provides you with real-world work experience while also helping you decide what you want to do after high school,” Arisme said.

The biggest advantage of the internship program is “further narrowing down options for college.” A month into the program, Arisme can really start to evaluate his skills on the job.

“The biggest weakness of mine has always been multitasking and working under pressure,” Arisme said.

When the facility is busy, Dan has to turn those weaknesses into strengths to help every patient. The internship program really is tailored for the future by eliminating options or solidifying options, whether it be a college major or a job. This program is essential for people who are undecided about their future.

This shows through the record number of students joining the program this year.

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