Gavin Milligan Has Hard Advice to Fleetwood Students

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Gavin Milligan, Fleetwood Junior and Marketing Manager of Advanced Comfort Specialists, has been performing well in the family HVAC business since his promotion earlier this year. He has been in charge of anything media, including managing commercials for the company. Gavin has managed commercials from production to airing.

Apart from excelling in the business, Gavin has been up to his own side project. From his personal experiences and his studies at BCTC, Gavin understands hard work and the opportunities of entrepreneurship. He conveys these topics in his speeches.

Gavin Milligan has spoken several times across the county to students, teachers, and parents.

In my speeches, I am planning on bringing out guests to speak about their journeys, lives, and careers. These individuals range from executives who are highly educated to entrepreneurs who were digging dirt as soon as they got out of high school,” Milligan said.

For those struggling with picking a career choice, Milligan has some advice. 

As a Fleetwood Area High School student, there is one piece of advice I have for students. As we graduate high school and go our separate paths, some of us aren’t exactly sure what career we’d like to pursue. After research and discussion with highly educated and experienced individuals, I’ve determined that there are three factors to consider when determining your preferred career. These factors are impact, wealth, and passion. Depending on your personality, you will prioritize one factor more than the others, but these are all important factors to consider,” Milligan said.

Wealth and passion matter because a person must love what he or she does as well as being self-supporting and sustainable. A career’s impact on the community is something most people do not consider when selecting a career. If you see your career impacting lives for the betterment of the individuals of the community, success always follows. Someone can make a lot of money in his or her career field, but the lack of impact will prevent someone from being as successful as he or she can be.

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