Ms. Moll Invites Students to Join German Club

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 The German Club, led by Frau Christine Moll at the Fleetwood Area High School, gives students the ability to experience a fun side of German language and culture without academic expectations. 

The club is one of many clubs provided by the Fleetwood Area School District in which students in grades six through twelve are free to participate. Most members are devoted to not only learning a different language but also the awareness of different customs. 

Frau Christine Moll is the club leader and also teaches exploratory German, German I, German II, and German III at the high school. During club hours, she makes sure to focus on cultural competence and understanding, and she accomplishes this by introducing students to German customs. 

Each club meeting has a theme. 

“Generally, there is a seasonally appropriate food-related aspect so that there is a tangible product of German culture that students can enjoy. For example, in December, we create gingerbread houses in the German tradition. Students build them, photograph them, and eat them,” Moll said.

The students will soon be traveling to the Reading Liederkranz to participate in Oktoberfest.  A later trip will go to Deitsch Eck, where members will eat German cuisine.

“The German Club Oktoberfest is a celebration of food and whimsy in honor of the real Oktoberfest in Munich, which is from September 21 to October 6 this year,” Moll said.  “We will eat German food, watch videos of Oktoberfest games, and watch livestreams from the fairgrounds.” 

Deitsch Eck serves authentic Pennsylvania German food, and this will be the sixth year that the club is going.

If you enjoy German food or dancing, and are open to learning new things, Frau Christine Moll highly encourages you to join German club.

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