Fleetwood Students Encouraged to Use TAP Locker

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TAP, or the Tiger Assistance Program, is a program set in place by the state of Pennsylvania and Fleetwood administration to help kids deal with any struggles occurring in their lives.

“TAP was created because teachers and faculty began to realize that students needed help dealing with everyday problems,”  English Teacher and member of the Tap Team Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson said. 

With this realization, the faculty needed a way for students to be able to seek help without feeling embarrassed or scared. 

Locker number #1056, located between Mrs. Sahaydak and Ms. Carino’s rooms in the English hallway, is used as the TAP locker. The locker is meant for people who are struggling with any level of issue to come forward anonymously and write a concern for a friend or themselves.

“During class, or when there is no one in the hallways, students can fold up a piece of paper with whatever concern or fear they have and put it in the locker,” Wilkinson said.

At the end of every day, Wilkinson checks the locker and addresses any serious issues that need to be handled. If any student is seeking help or guidance, he or she is encouraged to use the TAP locker or contact a guidance counselor.

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