Fleetwood Students Donate Blood

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On  16 October, students of the Fleetwood Area High School had the opportunity to donate blood for this year’s Fall Blood Drive.

For over ten years now, students ages sixteen and up are able to donate a pint of blood to Miller-Keystone, where it will then go to people who are in need of blood.

School nurse Ms. Alicia Seaman, along with Chemistry teacher Ms. Neiman, were in charge of organizing the drives. 

“I donated because I know it’s going to help other people,” sophomore Kayley Henninger said.

The process of donating blood is relatively simple. First, questions are asked about health and travel to assess a person’s risk for disease. Then a mini physical checks pulse, weight, height, blood pressure, and hematocrit, the level of hemoglobin or red blood cells. Once a student passes the screening, he or she is then able to donate.

The process of taking the blood only takes about five to ten minutes, and the student is then able to enjoy a snack and make sure his or her body adjusts to the small loss of blood. 

For anyone who wishes to avoid a reaction when giving blood, there are tips to help.

“During this time, the donor squeezes a ball to keep the blood flowing. Moving your feet keeps your blood pressure up and can help avoid reactions,” Neiman said.

Overall, the Fall Blood Drive was a success, and ninety-three units of blood were collected.

For anyone who wishes to donate but missed this chance, another blood drive will be held on 30 January  2020.

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