High School Purchases New Stage Curtains

Posted on January 14, 2020 by


What could be a better way to make Fleetwood’s school auditorium look nicer than to purchase some brand new stage curtains?

Fleetwood Area High School decided that it was time for new stage curtains for the auditorium after they realized the previous ones were torn and had a prominent stain on the front from years back, when one of the band members threw a pie crust filled with whipped cream at the curtain.

The school decided that red curtains would go best with the auditorium because the backs of the seats are red and, not coincidentally, one of our school colors. While picking out which curtains they should purchase, there was a debate about if the seats were red or green.

“The seats are red in the back, so, when you look at the auditorium from the back, it will look nicer with a red curtain,” Principal Mr. Stephen Herman said.

Others liked to argue that the seats were green so it would look like Christmas in the auditorium.  These brand new curtains were costly, but they were worth the price of making the auditorium look nice.

“They were a lot of money, but it had to be done because the curtains have to look nice,” Herman said.

When a place has a good appearance, people tend to treat the environment respectfully. Although there is a lot more that needs to be done to the school to keep it pristine, the curtains were a healthy start to that process.

The ones responsible for picking out the curtains were individuals from the office because the theater and music department teachers were not able to make it to the meetings. These stage curtains were a great adjustment to the school and really help the auditorium by making it look nicer and more presentable. The chorus, band, and theater shows will definitely appear a lot more pleasant with the brand new curtains behind them.

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