Meet Wesley Seaman: The Junior Who Does It All

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Fleetwood junior Wesley Seaman is a jack-of-all-trades.

Wes plays goalkeeper for the soccer team while also punting and kicking for the football team in the fall. In addition to soccer and football, Seaman is the catcher for the baseball team in the spring.

Wes has been a part of both the soccer team and baseball team since his freshman year, but he began his football career his sophomore year.

“I saw there was an opportunity available, and I believed I could do it. Next thing you know, Coach had me kicking balls at practice,” Seaman said. 

Last year, Wes was the second-string goalie, which allowed him to really focus on football, but this year he was the starting goalie, and this would make his practice schedule rigorous. 

“It’s really nice to get in an every-week routine.  It’s important I kick the same days every week, and essential to stretch and roll,” Seaman said.

Dual sporting takes a lot of time and stress on the body.

“I roll and stretch a lot, and if needed, I will take an ice bath,” Seaman said.

Wesley is known for his character and heart in all sports, and this was evident when he won his Coach’s heart at the end of his sophomore season. 

“New to the team last year, I had to prove to everyone I was serious about football, and that was me showing up to practice every day trying to learn more about the game,” Seaman said. 

Wes Seaman’s future aspirations entail trying to play football at the next level and winning championships in both sports his senior year.

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