Pokemon Sword and Shield Released

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The new generation of Pokemon games is Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The announcement of the game is the beginning of a new generation of Pokemon games. There is already myriad information about the games.

The series was created by the company Game Freak and published under Nintendo.

Some of the more important information is that the games were officially released on 15 November and cost $59.99.

Just like in the previous generation of Sun and Moon, the games Sword and Shield have their own variants called Galarian. 

In the new generation, your choice of starters are the fire type, Scorbunny; the water type, Sobble; or the grass type, Grookey. While each Pokemon only have their base evolutions announced, it will only be a matter of time before the full evolution line is introduced.

With each game, the region is usually based on a real-world location. Pokemon Sword and Shield are no different since the Galar region is based on real places in the United Kingdom.

If you have not yet played any Pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch, it is different to the way one plays on other devices. To find Pokemon on the Switch is much easier because their actual character model will show up in the wild grass instead of only revealing itself once the battle begins. It has also been stated that, depending on the Pokemon, they will either run to the character, run away, or ignore the character.

The legendaries for the new Pokemon game are Zacian, for Pokemon Sword, and Zamazenta, for Pokemon Shield.

One new feature joining the game is a battle implement called Dynamaxing. Dynamaxing allows Pokemon to grow to exponential extents.

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