Cheerleading and Football Seniors Honored

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At the end of every football season, the sideline cheerleading squad and football team have their annual senior walk as peers say their final goodbyes to the seniors who have put in years of hard work and dedication to the programs.

The senior walk consists of a team dinner that is then followed by the seniors from each team taking their final laps around the track to reminisce on past seasons and talk about their favorite memories.

While the seniors are walking, the underclassmen are instructed to stand silently in a circle in the center of the football field to wait for the seniors to come speak to them and give them advice for their future seasons.

“It was really emotional for everyone because it’s like saying goodbye to such a huge part of our lives. It was sad to speak to the underclassmen, but it was even worse talking to the other seniors because we’ve grown up together and we won’t be together anymore,” senior cheerleading captain Korrin Dietrich said.

The senior walk is such an honored tradition to the teams because it gives them time to let go of years of memories, and it also gives the coaches the opportunity to have their upperclassmen give the underclassmen some motivation for the future.

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