Reporter Bio: Madeline Ammon

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Madeline Ammon is a sophomore at Fleetwood High School who is excited by journalism.  She hopes she can acquire new the skills that will benefit her as a future lawyer. Madeline is wickedly smart and determined to be the best in everything she does.  Outside of school, she is an amazing soccer player. Hobbies Maddie partakes in are mock trial, Science Olympiad, and chess club. These clubs interest her because it keeps her on her toes. Maddie is a patient and thoughtful woman with strong goals for her future, and she excels in everything she does. A plausible future for Maddie is to live in a world without racism and homophobia, and to be led by a government that stands by minorities. Her goal is to be a hardworking and helpful woman who doesn’t slack off, and she hopes the same for her futuristic children.

By Jessica Kopycienski

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