Reporter Bio: Jessica Kopycienski

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Jessica Lynn Kopycienski is a fifteen-year-old sophomore at Fleetwood Area High School. Her hobbies include creative writing and swimming, which she’s been doing on a team on-and-off for seven years. She entered Journalism to learn how to be a better writer, and while she is a little introverted and shy, she is excited to be sharing her ideas through her writing this year. Jess is an independent person who was raised within the Jewish religion. She hopes that people will remember her for her positive outlook on life and that she will have many generations after her to pass down stories and heirlooms. Jess is fiercely passionate about equal rights for everyone, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, or gender. She believes that America has “lived in a patriarchal society that benefits only men without a thought for women for far too long.” She believes that the BLM movement is not political, but it has been made to be so. 

By Madeline Ammon

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