Homecoming Court: Who Are They?

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“I am super surprised I’m on Homecoming Court! People keep congratulating me and it’s weird but it’s super sweet!” senior Kenzie Miller said.

Ten seniors were voted on this year’s Homecoming Court and have shared their thoughts about the dance, grade competition, and predictions for the final vote.

Homecoming is a special day for each individual school. It’s a chance for graduates to come back and visit. Schools celebrate it with a football game, a dance almost similar to prom (although, in early incarnations, it wasn’t as big of an event), and fun activities during the week. 

The girls on the court are Mackenzie Arnold, Sacha Joseph, Abigail Kile, Mackenzie Miller, and Sydney Wessner. For the guys, Fleetwood has Kenneth Au, Blake Biehl, Adrian Buchter, Jared Burt, and Brady Daszewitz.

They were all pleasantly surprised that they were voted on court.

“I would say it was such a nice surprise to get that kind of recognition from my fellow peers, and I am happy to represent us this Homecoming!” Sydney Wessner said.

“I honestly didn’t really picture myself being on the court. I was just excited to see who got on and wasn’t expecting one of them to be me,” Adrian Buchter said.

Most of the court have doubts as to whether they will take home the crown, but they definitely have favorites they’re rooting for.

“I think, if we are talking the pure poster girl of Fleetwood, it is Kenzie Miller,” Kenneth Au said. “As a childhood friend, I have never seen a girl more kind, interactive, and involved as a friend and as a student. I think she, without a doubt, deserves to win Homecoming Queen.”

“If Kenny wins, I will be so proud of him. He is trying so hard to win. Also, he is so funny, so of course I’d be happy if we won, but really everyone deserves it,” Kenzie Miller said.

Sadly, there are no escorts this year due to COVID-19 regulations, but Fleetwood still has a grade-wide competition. The general consensus between the court is that they all are hoping the seniors can take first place because they haven’t won a Homecoming yet, but some think that other grades will win.

“I think the juniors or sophomores will win, especially because most of the points will come from the can drive and tab drive, and I feel like those grades will participate the most,” Abigail Kile said.

“Of course I’d like for my grade to win. It’d be fun to go out with a win on our last year. We haven’t won yet, which would make a senior year even better,” Adrian Buchter said.

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