Trump Threatens an End to Tik Tok

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Children all over the world have interacted with this app and fallen in love. Tik Tok is an app with 800 million people active a day. Tik Tok is supposed to provide a welcoming community that lets a person express who he or she is. Tik Tok has also been a really big issue in regards to not being child friendly and safe. In the last four years since the rise of Tik Tok, there has been a love/hate relationship within the app itself. 

This platform has taken over every app store and many teenagers’ phones around the world. Many students at Fleetwood have Tik Tok even if they don’t make videos. It is the most purchased app on the app store worldwide and has 800 million active viewers a day. Tik Tok is worth 800 million to 1 billion dollars. People on the app have spent over 50 million dollars advertising their brands.

Prior to Tik Tok, the app was called “” and was made up of videos of lip-syncing for 15 seconds. Many young kids have built careers off and now are the biggest creators on Tik Tok. Most viewers on this app are younger, and the popular creators range from ages 15- 25. 

The purpose of this app is to express yourself and attract new audiences all over the world. Many people use this app to publicize their talents and get noticed. Because there are many influential people on the app, many young kids are starting to gain fame. 

Social media always has flaws, but Tik Tok has had many issues in the past four years. Bullying, body shaming, and technology malfunctions have had an effect on the app’s ratings and reviews, and it is starting to push people away from the app.  President Trump has threatened to ban the app over concerns that information gleaned from the posts is being used by the Chinese government.

Tik Tok has been close to shutting down in the United States twice and once world wide. President Trump tried to completely wipe Tik Tok about a month ago.

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