Sacha Joseph and Kenny Au Win Homecoming Court

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On Wednesday, 7 October, Kenny Au and Sacha Joseph were crowned King and Queen of homecoming during a live stream. 

Last year, Mamadou Jalloh and Michaela Kaskey were crowned King and Queen of Homecoming. For Fleetwood, Homecoming has been around for a long time.

“I’ve heard about Hallway Decorating occurring since the early 2000s, and other Homecoming traditions started even earlier,” Student Council advisor Mrs Dina Heffner said.

The Homecoming Dance only started last year, but it won’t be happening again this year due to the current health plan.

Heffner also believes that this year’s King and Queen are two spirited, involved students who add their own unique spark to Fleetwood Area High School. Heffner also had a hunch that the King would be Kenny.

While Sacha was caught off guard by both her nomination and winning, Kenny was confident he was going to win, which he did thanks to his campaigning and popularity amongst the younger classes. Kenny plans on celebrating by watching movies with his best friends, Jared Burt, Jeff Davenport, Austin Ziegler, A.J. Laucks, George Kamel, Sam Ruemmler, and Zach Hobart.

“I really wanted to win this for myself and my friends,” Au said. 

Both Sacha and Kenny are grateful that they were crowned and would like to thank everyone who voted for them.

Kenny and Sacha both agree that their usual favorite part of Homecoming is the Powderpuff game, but Sacha was happy that the Voice competition received more attention this year.

“The contestants were all amazing, and I’m so happy I got to hear them in person,” Joseph said. 

While this year’s Homecoming was a lot different than normal, students still were able to come up with creative ways to continue the grade war.

“I give the students and advisors TONS of credit for all they were able to do in the current circumstances,“ Heffner said.

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