Boys’ Soccer Having a Good Season Despite COVID

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It’s another season for Boys’ Soccer, but will they go as far as they did last year?

Boys soccer was off to a slow start with two losses in a row, but as the season draws to an end, they have won six consecutive games. The only thing left to see is if they will win Counties, Districts, or even States.

Last year, the boys had eight seniors and many difficult out-of-league games, but they still ended with an 18-5 record, making it to the semi-finals for Counties, where they lost against Oley and won Districts against Lancaster Mennonite, who was their biggest rival last year. Sadly, they were defeated in the first round of States.

With less time to prepare this year, boys’ soccer started the season with over ten seniors, losing their first two games against Wilson and Governor Mifflin. 

“The kids were ready to start August 17, but COVID put a hold on it,” Coach Schlegal said.

While they may have had a slower start than in past years, they came back, keeping a six-game win streak. According to Ryan Piskorski and goalkeeper Wes Seamen, their biggest rival this year is Daniel Boone, with the two of them fighting to be at the top of the league.

After losing to Wilson in the start of the season, they are looking to be victorious if they face them in counties. Currently, boys’ soccer holds the eighth and final seed to make it into districts, and the team is confident that they will win both Counties and Districts. 

“I think we can go as far as the state finals if we work as a team to win,” Piskorski said.

However, only one team from Districts makes it into States this year, so only time will tell.

“We’re still growing as a team, and hopefully we start meshing a little better and make a run for playoffs,” Spencer said.

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