Students, Plan to Vote When You Can!

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With the recent presidential election, it is important to understand why voting is so important. Whether you are a young voter or an experienced voter, voting is a way to speak your voice and directly be involved with your government. 

No matter what you think, every vote, even yours, is extremely important. That’s one of the false mindsets that a lot of people have, they think that their vote doesn’t matter. It is important to let your voice be heard and participate. 

“Voting is our opportunity to directly impact our government,” history major Jason Lutcavage said. 

Our vote is our voice. When you don’t vote, you’re silencing yourself, and you are giving up the opportunity to be a part of change or reform.

“Government gets its power and authority from the people—his is our chance to correct a problem or continue a course,” Lutcavage said.

According to MassVOTE, “For the past three decades voters have been disproportionately of higher income, older or more partisan in their interests.” 

This means that there is this gap between the interests of a distinct group of people and this other group of people. If the wealthier people go out to vote with their interests in mind and other people don’t, the less afluent will not be represented. 

The voter should also take into account that these elected officials are informed on who votes. If a community is not turning out as well as others, elected officials will begin not to care as much. They will also make fewer appeals to that neighborhood. 

Together as a community, Americans want to be heard and not ignored. They don’t want to undervalued by neglecting the duty to vote. 

“People are under the false belief that their single voice/vote doesn’t count because of the number of people who vote. But every vote can make a difference,” Lutcavage said.

It is easy to push off voting because of “how many people actually vote,” but in reality, your vote is important. One vote for someone you prefer takes away from one you don’t. 

“Study the issues. Support candidates who reflect your beliefs or ideas you believe really matter. Reject those who seek power solely for power’s sake,” Lutcavage said. 

For young voters, it is very important to educate yourselves on world issues. It is also very important to know what you stand for. Education and time are both crucial for young voters. 

It is also a good idea to know the candidates on the ballot and what they are about. This way, you can make an informed decision about the candidate you choose. 

This 2020 presidential election is a big one. This is an election where every vote is needed. Young voters who are able to vote in this fast approaching election should be prepared. 

“Voting is always important. And every election is important. Some are just more urgent than others,” said Lutcavage.

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