BVA Manages FAHS Virtual Electives

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Do you ever sit in front of a screen too long and feel your eyes start to burn?

This is called a “digital eye strain.” The blue light that a computer screen emits is very harmful to the eyes after long periods of time, and many virtual students attending Fleetwood are struggling with this issue.   

Online school is markedly different from hybrid schooling. Many students at Fleetwood have chosen to attend online school this year to keep themselves safe and healthy. Online involves a variety of different learning styles and websites. 

The online schooling program called Brandywine Virtual Academy is a website that has partnered with Fleetwood and other schools. This learning outlet provides many electives that help with students’ future plans, such as nursing, fashion, cooking classes, and more.

BVA allows students to work ahead in any class. Kelsey Richmond, a Fleetwood senior, has finished all assignments for her BVA math class. This program allows a student to work ahead, which helps many students who are employed and/or in extracurricular activities. 

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