Will Fleetwood Go Virtual or Remain Hybrid?

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Will Fleetwood ever go fully virtual?

Fleetwood started virtual last year, but by the end of summer, the hybrid system began. As the months have gone by, students have begun to prefer the hybrid system over the virtual one. Some virtual students believe they can’t work at their fullest potential.

But, if cases keep rising, Fleetwood will be forced to go virtual.

“I don’t like virtual school because I don’t feel that I can learn at my highest ability,” Rachel Wagner said.

This year has been something different, and few would deny that, whether one is virtual or hybrid, there are disadvantages to every 2020 learning environment. Everyone has an established learning routine and favored learning process, and this system has rearranged everything. With a new style, some students are having difficulty keeping up with all the work and new stressors. Athletic students have been affected by being in and out of sports due to safety concerns.

However, despite the optimism of some, cases have been rising. Some believe it is due to outside factors not related to school; such factors can include Thanksgiving break and the upcoming Christmas break.

“I think the school should try and stay safe and open as long as possible,” Olivia Goebel said.

Students are unsure of what they think the school should be doing. Most agree a return to normalcy would be better for their learning, but at greater risk to the community’s health. That might mean a “rather safe than sorry” approach, which could include becoming fully virtual.

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