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Imagine being a target of a hate crime, turned away from health care because of who you are, and turned away from businesses because of who you love. There are so many struggles that people in the LGBTQ community face every day of their lives. The fight for equality has been a long and daring one, and now that progress may be undone

In the last few weeks of the Trump administration, the department of health and human services (HHS) has ruled to strip away the protections of the community. This means that anyone could be turned away from homeless shelters, health care services, adoption agencies, and so much more. 

There have been countless brutal hate crimes that people have gotten away with over the years. The protections that Trump, his administration, and HHS have stripped away now leave people defenseless. Americans now have to fear being turned away from necessities, such as health care services. 

“It is so sad. I remember the first big win for the community, when same sex marriage was first legalized. For the first time, we were accepted and allowed to be given the same rights as any other couple. Now, its like we went back one hundred and fifty years rather than forward,” senior Morgan Pawlowski of Saucon Valley High School said.

The new cuts were released on Tuesday, 12 January 2021.

“Honestly, hearing this happened just made me really sad. This made me lose my faith. It truly is just so disappointing,” Pawlowski said.

With the slashing of the anti-discrimination acts, the people in the community are more susceptible to hate crimes based off of their sexuality.  The act that is in effect on February 11 states that Americans can be discriminated against and turned away from foster and adoption agencies, homeless shelters, HIV prevention centers, and elder care, and other public services. 

“It’s scary to think that I could be turned away from important places like health care centers just because of who I am as a person. It isn’t a choice, I love who I love, and I can’t change that” said Pawlowski.

With the removal of Trump from office, President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris plan on reversing this cut. They are hoping to restore the protections that were once available.

Along with President Biden, Senators are also planning to work together to help restore HHS and bring back its “humanity.” 

“Honestly, Biden would not have been my first choice to represent the change that needs to happen; however, he is heading in the right direction. He is exactly what we need after [the last four years],” Pawlowski said. 

With the inauguration of President Biden, many are hoping for the chance to see citizens unify, bringing America one step closer to true equality even if there is still so much more to be done.

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