FAHS Students Approach New Year with High Hopes

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The year 2020 was eventful in all the wrong ways, but many hope 2021 can land more smoothly for Fleetwood students.

“Last year was tough because of everything going on. But I feel like I’ve grown as a person in 2020 and have learned so many new things to use in my future,” Amy Fitzgerald said.

In addition to fatalities from COVID-19, the political feuding that arises from a presidential election year only compounded tensions nationwide. The real worry for many students now is that 2020 will have had more opportunity for extracurricular activities than 2021 will.

 This year, students are sharing how they are approaching life with a positive mindset to carry on with their interests and future plans, such as work or college. To make life go more smoothly this year, the consensus among students is that they will be focusing on themselves and sidelining their worries. Differences in schooling are harsh, and this year a sense of normalcy, as much as it can be achieved, is just what Fleetwood needs. 

Although learning processes may differ from student to student, Fleetwood is constantly updating how online schooling works, making it easier for students to get by.

“I think the way we can make the year better is to keep showing support for students to keep them motivated,” Frankie Snyder said.

Although there have been issues from last year on a global scale, student morale is generally improving by the minute. 

Last year won’t just go away. Many of those global issues that will carry onto 2021. The hope for many students is that changes in the medical prognosis of the virus, as well the shift in the political climate, may presage a more promising beginning to the start of this new year. Despite some continuing technical issues, Fleetwood is updating its own instructional practices with the hope that these changes should further resolve problems as students progress.

“Communication can change, with teachers and students talking more,” Alex Krebs said.

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