FAHS Blood Drive Offers Chance for Giving, Involvement

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Science teacher Jennifer Neiman recently worked with students and Miller-Keystone Blood bank to prepare a blood drive. The goal of this drive was to help others in need of major surgeries. The blood drive is for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, and those who have participated four times in their high school careers may earn a red cord for graduation.  For many, however, the cord is less important than serving one’s community

“I feel like I personally am a helpful person and don’t need something physical to tell people I’m helpful, but it’d be just nice to have. It could also encourage others to donate in the future and help,” sophomore Delaney Devlins said.

Those who helped organize four times may receive qualification for scholarships.  Participants should be in good health and desire to offer the help they’d want to receive in their times of need. 

This blood drive is one more way that FAHS shows how much it cares about the community. This drive makes the students feel as though they’re helping others in need. To those students who are virtual, being a part of this drive can also offer a sense of inclusion. 

Spending so much time alone, students who get to see classmates for the blood drive can feel like a weight falls off of their shoulders.

“I would say the blood drive really makes students feel like they leave an impact on the world and makes them feel like they are helping others in need,” Madison Herb said.

This blood drive had volunteers to organize and donate. Helping the community for a great cause can be rewarding for students who are struggling with their role in this strange and unusual time.

Miller-Keystone workers made sure students were in good health. During a pandemic, it is important to stay safe, and workers took precautions with those who participated.

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