SATs on the Horizon for Upperclassmen

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The SAT test is one that is often required by academic institutions in order to gain acceptance into colleges and universities. Juniors and upcoming seniors should start to consider when they might schedule their SATs so they can apply to desired colleges accordingly. 

There are so many resources that are available to the student body to help guide in the SAT/college application process. It is important to remember to reach out to a counselor should any concerns arise.

The SATs are an important test that many juniors in high school take in order to start the college application process. It is a test that is scored out of 1600 points and consists of a Math and English section as well as an optional writing portion that not all colleges require. 

Even though the essay is optional, it is recommended that each student complete the essay, should he or she decide to end up choosing a college that requires the essay portion of the test. 

The two closest SAT test dates are for 9 April 7 May, and the next available date after that would be in July. For additional test dates, juniors can find a college/SAT PowerPoint that has been sent out by the school counselors. 

There are so many online and school resources that students can utilize and use to their advantage. There are SAT prep courses that the school students can also attend, and counselors are always there to help out.

Any upcoming senior should really start thinking about scheduling his or her test date and securing a testing spot. 

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