Fleetwood to Perform Stage Adaptation of “Clue”

Posted on April 17, 2021 by


The Fleetwood Theatrical Society is performing the play Clue. This year’s play is based off of the board game Clue. Clue is a murder mystery about a murder at a mansion, including several participants, and, in the end, the audience decides who the killer was. 

The actors, most of whom have been in multiple plays for the school, have chosen this play out of their love for theater. The cast includes Andrew Loeffler, who has been a proud participant since the second grade, as well as Dayne Kishbaugh, who has been in the past three plays. 

A new kick to the play is the lack of musical numbers. This is a shame for the singers, but if participants prefer acting, then it is a splendid addition to this year’s performance. Andrew Loeffler’s character in the play is Professor Plum; Dayne Kishbaugh portrays Mr. Green.

Horror isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but, if it is, this year’s murder mystery is a good watch. 

“My favorite performance so far was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” Loeffler said. “It was the absolute best show I have ever done, hands down. The cast and the atmosphere of that production were tight. It truly felt like we were a family”

“If I had the option to perform any play, it would have to be Aladdin,” Kishbaugh said.

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