Senior Art Wall Displays FAHS Student Creations

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“For the seniors in senior art, it’s their way to show off what they’ve done throughout high school,” senior Abby Kile said.

Every year for the art show, Fleetwood Area High school allows seniors in senior art to showcase all of their art. They each have a section of the art hallway to put any of the art they made up for everyone to admire.

The senior wall has been a component of the art department for well over twenty years. The seniors are celebrated with the art show, as much of the art show is centered on them specifically.

“In senior art, the main thread in the curriculum is discovering who you are as an artist and honing in on your identity and point-of-view as an artist,” art teacher Mrs. Diane Chisdak said. “The best way to represent that is letting them make the decision on which pieces they want to show in a space dedicated to them.”

Kile’s senior wall showcased colored pencil, graphite, acrylic, embroidery, watercolor, and ink, along with some unconventional art. She used CDs and plastic bags to make beautiful dresses as preparation for college. 

“The plastic bag was an independent project because I was collecting bags for the terra cycle drive for sustainable students, so I had to collect and sew them together to make the fabric,” Kile said. 

On the other hand, Kenzie Miller’s senior wall focused more on acrylic and printmaking. Her central focus was on what she herself felt throughout the year. 

“I wanted to include art from my junior and senior year but also convey how I’ve been feeling lately, so I wrote artist statements for a lot of my art so [spectators] can see beyond my art,” Miller said.

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