Will Star Players’ Injuries Affect Fantasy Football?

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Christan McCaffery and Dalvin Cook were the top players chosen in each league, and McCaffery is out due to a hamstring injury.

McCaffrey’s stats for the 2019 season were twenty-three carries with two touchdowns. Now he has a hamstring injury and will be out for four weeks.

“The injury could sideline McCaffrey up to four weeks, but I don’t know at this point if McCaffrey will go on injured reserve,” head coach for Carolina Panthers Matt Rhule said.

The way that McCaffery injured his hamstring wasn’t from getting tackled but actually doing a stutter step and landing wrong on his right foot. He still played and earned thirty-one yards. He caught two receptions before leaving the game, which greatly affected people who expected him to start in week three of fantasy football. Now people are looking at the number two player, Dalvin Cook, who last season had 312 carries with seventeen touchdowns. Dalivn Cook also is suffering from an ankle injury and didn’t play against the Seahawks in week three.

“Heading into pre-game warmups, there was minimal confidence that Cook, who is dealing with a sprained ankle, will be able to suit up,” a press release by the NFL stated.

His injury happened in week two against Arizona. That’s a heartbreaker for a lot of people, considering he beats the average running back with nearly twenty-three fantasy points per week.

Now that the top two running backs are out; that really puts a hole in a lot of people’s teams, considering that those two were often picked in the first round. This brings up the question: What will happen to Christan McCaffrey? Will he be out for the season, or will Dalvin Cook be able to come back soon?

The future of fantasy football rests in the hands of two injured players.

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