FASD Celebrates Homecoming 2021 with Sporting Events, Coronation Ceremony

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At the 2021 homecoming game, the football team won against Twin Valley, and the king and queen were announced. 

Emma Rapposelli and Nick Liptok were honored as king and queen. Both students were excited to be a part of the fun activity, along with all the fellow homecoming nominees.

Emma, who was very excited and nervous when her name was called, always thought it would be cool to be crowned. She is involved in FBLA and model UN, and her future plans involve becoming a nurse esthetician.

Something Nick Liptok enjoyed was hearing everyone cheer when his name was called. He participates in golf and FBLA, and his future plans are to attend college for electrical engineering.

“My parents helped me grow into the person I am today because they set a good example and taught me to be respectful.” homecoming king Nick Liptok said.   

“The part I love about playing during homecoming is [that] you know the stands are going to be packed,” senior quarterback Tanner Maddocks said. 

With a 26-9 success story, being able to take a win was a huge deal for the Tigers because the football team has not taken a homecoming win in a couple of years. The team walked onto the field prepared for a tough game and came out on top with unmatched energy. 

“The feeling is like nothing else. Knowing it’s your last homecoming and playing in a must-win game with your family and friends watching you is amazing,” senior player Gavin Morris said. 

“Everything about homecoming is enjoyable, including the competition, the atmosphere, and the vibe. Everyone is in a good mood,” senior student Aiden Gorman said. 

The Fleetwood community was as alive as ever during these events.

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