Rodgers’ Absence Felt by Packers in Week 9

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Arron Rodgers was out for week 9 of the NFL season, so the Packers had to look at Jordan Love, the backup twenty-three-year-old from Utha state. Love was second all-time for passing yards and passing attempts made. This was his first-ever career start in the NFL, and it was against the back-to-back AFC champions, the Chiefs.

The notable thing about Love is that he’s not even the backup quarterback; he’s one of the quarterbacks from the practice squad. During game time with Kansas City, the Chiefs scored seven in the first quarter with a twenty-three-yard passing play to Kelce. The next quarter, the Chiefs came in with two field goals, and they also blocked one of Green Bay’s field goals and recovered the ball.  This then resulted in one of the two field goals scored by the Chiefs in the quarter.

At halftime, the Chiefs were up thirteen to zero. Nothing really happened in the third quarter except both teams’ defenses played really well and both teams didn’t score once.

In the final quarter of the game, Green Bay needed a comeback, considering they were shut out in three quarters. With Green Bay in possession of the football at the start of the fourth quarter, the Packers played fourteen plays with a total of sixty-eight yards gained, ending in an interception caught by Kansas City’s cornerback, L’Jarius Sneed. With no gain from him but still an interception, the state of the game didn’t really change because of Green Bay’s lockdown defense with Kansas City only getting three plays in and negative one yards.

The Chiefs ended up punting, which landed the ball at Green Bay’s thirty-two, and Amari Jai Rodgers returned it for fifteen yards to Green Bay’s forty-seven. This led to Jordan’s first-ever career touchdown, which then put Green Bay only down by six.

With only five minutes left in the game, the Packers kicked off to the Chiefs eight, at which point the receiving team ran the ball to the twenty-yard line. The Packers’ defense came out, but they couldn’t stop the Chiefs passing plays, and the Chiefs aired out the rest of the game, which resulted in putting the packers to 7-2.

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