Debate Erupts over 2021 Balon d’Or

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The Balon d’Or is an award given to the best soccer player in a calendar year, voted by journalists. The winner of this award in 2021 was the now seven-time winner, Lionel Messi.

Many soccer fans supported the choice, but there were also many who disagreed with it. 

One of the people who bashed this decision the most was retired professional Patrick Evra.

“This is embarrassing, and it has been for so many years now. I think enough is enough… I think the people need answers,” Evra said.

It is hard to always give the award to someone who really deserves it because it is an opinion, but journalists can look at stats to help. The main stat they have to look at is goals.

The guy who had the most goals this past year was Lewandowski. He proved to be the most frequent goal scorer this year with fifty-four and counting. He also won his league by thirteen points, which is very good. Messi, on the other hand, did not win his league, losing by five points and getting second.

It is good to note that Messi does have more assists than Lewandowski. To some, that might not really matter too much because Robert Lewandowski is a striker; his job is to put the ball in the net, and he does that better than any other player in the world. 

Messi also won the Copa America, and Lewandowski did not win anything for his country. Messi won the Copa America, which is much easier to win, and there is really only one other stand-out team in the tournament, which is Brazil. In that game against Brazil, Messi missed a huge chance to score and did not really get on the ball much.

So, even though Messi did win, he had much better teammates in Argentina than Poland does.

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