Violins of Hope Opens in Berks County

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Through music and presentations, Violins of Hope tells us the story of renewed instruments that once were played during the Holocaust. 

Violins of Hope recently opened in Berks County, informing citizens of the horrific acts of the Holocaust through instruments that were played by the victims themselves.

“The Violins of Hope program came to Reading because it was seen by someone with connections to the Reading Symphony Orchestra in Indiana, I believe.  They reached out to the Jewish Federation of Reading and other organizations who expressed interest in seeing the violins here in Reading,” Fleetwood High School teacher Sean Gaston said.

Many have mentioned that the purpose of Violins of Hope is to promote understanding and unity in different communities.

This program has made an appearance at Fleetwood Area High School. The group came and talked to students about the instruments being played and the purpose of this organization. Many students and teachers were able to attend.

“As a teacher, I am a passionate advocate for cultural and historical education in all of its forms. The fact that there’s a distinct musical tie to this presentation is an added bonus for my music students,” Fleetwood High School chorus teacher Catherine Williamson said. 

This entire organization was organized by Amnon Weinstein.

“Amnon Weinstein has spent the last two decades locating and restoring violins that were played by Jewish musicians during the Holocaust. He dedicates this important work to 400 relatives he never knew,” Dr. James Grymes, author of Violins of Hope, said.

This organization means so much to many people across the world. It will continue to expand and teach people about the tragedies through music and dedication.

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