Arsenal FC Regains Momentum after a Weak Start

Posted on January 30, 2022 by


Arsenal Football Club has been through a tough time recently, but they are starting to turn things around. For the first time since 1985, they did not qualify for a European competition because of poor play in their league.

They were eighth in their league, and they needed to get into the top seven to play in one of the three European leagues for which they can qualify.

This year started just like normal, even though, in their first three games, they lost all three and were dead last in the league and looking defeated.

“It didn’t feel like Arsenal anymore,” wrote. 

All of a sudden, they ground out two wins with a little bit of luck. After these two games, the young players and new signees gained confidence alongside their wins, and the club became a very tough team to get past.

As a team, Arsenal has lacked creativity in the opposing team’s box, and they have a lack of discipline defensively.  In their last few games, they have significantly improved in these two areas. 

“[Arsenal attacker] Saka has been a crucial part of this return to form,” FAHS junior Ben Heller said about Arsenal’s recent successes.

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