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Hannah L. Medina, born 31 December, 2003, is a senior at Fleetwood Area High School. This is her second year writing for The Tiger Times in her high school career, and she is thrilled to be involved with the school newspaper again.

Hannah was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, and has grown up and lived in Blandon her entire life. She is graduating high school this year and will be majoring in Art Therapy at Cedar Crest College. Her favorite subject in school has always been art, so this is her dream career.

Hannah is the historian for the National Art Honors Society, an editor for Artifact, and a member of the Film Club.

After school, Hannah works a lot of hours at Michael’s craft store and Panera restaurant. She enjoys keeping busy most days of the week and works hard to keep a balance between work and school.

“I get to work with my friends [at Panera] and create what feels like a second home to me,” Medina said.

In her free time–though she doesn’t get much of it–Hannah enjoys oil painting, working on her personal art journal, crocheting, and spending time with her friends. She also includes personal writing pieces in her visual artwork. 

“I’m going into an art career, so I feel like it’s something very significant in my life, and it’s very fun for me to try out different art forms and work on new things. I find art therapeutic,” Medina said.

Hannah lives with her mother and her sister. Her father lives in Michigan. Hannah also lives with her two cats, Tiger and Mochi, and her mouse, Remy. Hannah will miss Tiger the most when she goes off to college in the fall. He is also eighteen years old.

“Tiger is my best friend. We grew up together, and I always look forward to seeing him when I come home,” Medina said.

Hannah is looking forward to graduating and getting out into the world this year.

By Meghan Emery

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