German Club Hosts Birthday-Themed Meeting

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On 25 January 2022, a Tuesday afternoon, the German Club held its annual meeting about celebrating birthdays in Germany. The members played vocab bingo, ate cupcakes, and won prizes, which were coins from the Goethe-Institut.

¨We decided on this topic because my sister’s and father’s birthdays are in that week, so when we found out Frau Moll’s birthday was also that week, we thought it would be perfect to have a birthday party for the German Club,” sophomore Hailey Olivieri said. 

¨For every German Club meeting, we provide German foods and learn about German culture or traditions associated with that particular food. Typically, we have the same meetings every year, but this year we, unfortunately, were not able to have an Oktoberfest meeting, so we decided to create new meetings–like the birthday meeting. Some of our usual meetings include Oktoberfest, Lebkuchen, Black Forest Cherry Cake, and Spaghettieis,” sophomore Annie Lee said. 

The reason why the club played bingo with birthday vocab was to help them test their knowledge. Students played on German cards while the boxes were being called out in English.

¨I recommend that anyone who has the time to come should come. All of our meetings are so much fun and a great way to meet new people. Although it can be easier if you are in German class, you don’t have to be to join us. We purposefully create our meetings so that anyone can come and understand what we are learning about,” Lee said.

Their next meeting is on 1 March 2022 if anyone is interested in joining German Club.

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