The U.S. Wins Gold and Makes History

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The United States has won a total of twenty-five medals in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. America sent 224 people to fifteen different events. 

The United States earned eight gold medals in eight different events, making them fifth in the medal count. 

The most recent gold medalist was Alexander Hall for men’s slopestyle. This was the eighth U.S. medal and Hall’s first. 

The first U.S. Olympian to win gold in Beijing was Lindsey Jacobellis for the snowboarding cross. She Won the medal on 9 February 2022, five days after the Olympics started. 

Even though the majority of the U.S. gold medals were solo competitions, there were two teams that won gold for the US. Ashley Caldwell, Christopher Willis, and Justin Schoenefeld won the mixed team aerials event, beating out Canada, China, and Switzerland. 

The other team was a duo with Lindsey Jacobellis and Nick Baumgartner to win the first-ever mixed team snowboard cross gold medal. This was the first gold medal for Nick Baumgartner in his career and the second medal for Lindsey Jacobellis in this Olympics. 

The U.S. is making history at this year’s Olympics with the first African American woman to win an individual speed skating event. Erin Jackson won the 500m speed skating event on 13 February 2022.

Chloe Kim is the first woman to ever win back-to-back women’s halfpipe gold medals in event history. She came in with a final score of 94/100.

Some other honorable mentions at this year’s Olympics are Kaillie Humphries (first gold for women’s monobob event) and Nathan Chen (men’s single figure skating), both winning gold in their events with an outstanding performance for each.

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