FBLA Regional Competition Names Local Winners

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FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. The program allows students to make friends, communicate with experienced individuals in the workforce, and learn various talents, ranging from public speaking to leadership to technical skills.

Business teacher Mrs. Kelly Ackerman, head of FBLA,  has introduced the business mindset to her students by bringing in guest speakers and organizing field trips to different businesses across the county. As a result, the students prepare themselves for several levels of competition. 

The FBLA Regional competition is held annually, and it consists of only members from a certain region. There are multiple events in each competition. 

Testing events consist of a timed test that pertains to a certain topic, whereas performance events consist of preparing in a group, or by one’s self, to compete in an event that could consist of either presenting a presentation, conducting an interview, or delivering a speech to a panel of judges. 

On 6 January, there were a few Fleetwood winners announced. Colten Deturk won in Accounting 2, Evangeline Crossley and Catherine Annabel won for Business Management, and Andrew Haas won first place in an event called Word Processing. 

The competition is exhilarating. Students refer to the atmosphere as being both positive and aggressive. 

“Everyone is extremely nervous to be competing in such a competitive environment, but at the same time, we all wish each other the best and are hoping for the success of our fellow chapter members,” four-year FBLA member Julia Kaskey said. 

The FBLA Regional competition enhances resumes for college and teaches important life skills. Students worked hard to be a part of the competition.

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