TikTok Cat Pot Roast Passes Away

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Famous Tik Tok cat, Pot Roast, passed away on 16 February 2022. During her lifetime, she had accumulated over one million followers. Said followers took to social media to mourn her passing.

¨She was a beautiful cat, and I´m very sad she has passed away,¨ Yulisa Orozco, senior at Fleetwood Area High School, said.

The woman who adopted her found her in 2014 at her college, where they brought in puppies and kittens to help reduce stress for students. Pot Roast and her mother immediately bonded.

Pot Roast was sold to her for twenty dollars. Unbeknownst to her new owner, Post Roast was sold for such a small amount because of underlying health conditions.

She was soon diagnosed with feline herpes and stomatitis. These conditions caused her to lose her teeth, and Pot Roast´s mom was told Pot Roast did not have a long life expectancy. 

Despite this fact, Pot Roast defied these odds and managed these symptoms for almost eight years.

Unfortunately, on February 8, 2022, it was announced that Pot Roast had tested positive for FIV, feline immunodeficiency virus. While some cats are able to live a long and healthy life with this diagnosis, her owner stated this was not the case for Pot Roast.

She spent her final moments with her owner going back and forth between the comforts of her home and the veterinarian until she passed away.

Her owner was very vocal on social media and continues to post about her cat, sharing memories of Pot Roast. 

¨My ball of grief feels unbearably large right now, but I hold on to the hope it might get a little smaller soon,¨ the owner wrote on Instagram.

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