FAHS Spanish Students Make Presentations on Spanish-Themed Films

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Mrs. Anita Lewis’s Spanish I class recently gave presentations on the movies Coco and Encanto

The classes were able to do anything they wanted as long as it had to do with the topic of conversation and was class-appropriate. 

Some examples of the presentations were board games, food, drawings, and some very interesting sculptures. 

“This was a very open-ended project. They could do writings, presentations, and bring food,” Lewis said. 

Students had many different opinions about the difficulty of this project.

“I would say that this project was more on the difficult side because we wanted it to look good, but we kind of took it too far and made it a lot more difficult than it needed to be,” Fleetwood Area High School student Morgan Koehler said.

Lewis made the students aware that, if they made a drawing, then the presentations weren’t so important. Lewis seemed very pleased with many of the projects that were presented. 

Many of the students took this project to their advantage and brought in delicious treats for the whole class. Students seemed to enjoy this factor.

“It took a lot of work and was sort of challenging, but I would say me and my partner are both very happy with the final product,” Fleetwood Area High School student Allison Seiple said.

Overall, the students seemed to be very happy with this project, and Lewis’s approach to giving out this project made it very enjoyable for many students. 

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