California Heat Brings Wildfires

Posted on August 9, 2022 by


Wildfires in California have been going on for a while now every single year. It’s been getting worse, and humans have the power to put a stop to these fires that are harming the environment.

The week after May 23, 2022, many fires were occurring in California. More than half a dozen occurred in forty-eight hours. Californians live in fear of what this summer has in store with these temperatures and droughts.

On Thursday afternoon, a fire had occurred in Kern County, and this fire spread nearly 700 acres! California fire season usually peaks around July and October, but the fires have started very early in May, which is a great concern because officials aren’t sure how hot or how bad these wildfires are going to get this summer with these temperatures. Weather officials are giving out warnings because, before spring ends, these fires could get even worse.

When it’s hot and there is low humidity with gusty winds, fires begin and start to spread rapidly. California had 88% percent of its land in an extreme drought, but it fell to 1% percent after heavy rains. The U.S. Drought Monitor then reported an increase back to 60%.

Many citizens are worried about what will happen this summer and how these fires will consume the land because, in the past two years, California has dealt with worse fires than ever. Citizens believe that this summer could be the same or potentially worse by how these temperatures are looking in May and how they will look later in the summer.

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