FAHS Quill & Scroll Ceremony Welcomes New Members

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On May 11th, Fleetwood Area High School had its yearly Quill and Scroll award ceremony. Fleetwood students involved in yearbook, journalism, business, and art all have the chance to be recognized.

The awards being presented that night were as follows: Quill and Scroll Inductee, National Art Honor Society (NAHS) Inductee, Outstanding Student in Art, National Business Honor Society (NBHS) Inductee, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) awards, school newspaper award winner, Artifact editor´s award, Yearbook recognition, Yearbook award winner, and various business awards.

Journalism adviser Mr. Zachary Houp presented the Journalism awards, art teacher Mrs. Annie Shrawder presented the art awards, technology teacher Mrs. Sarah Sanocki presented the yearbook awards, communications teacher Mr. Sean Gaston presented the media awards, and business teacher Mrs. Kelly Ackerman presented the business awards.

“I wanted the awards to be really meaningful and specific, so finding out about the awards was kind of last-minute for me. Thankfully, I reached out to Mr. Barnett, and I told him my ideas. I wanted a 3D-printed award, so he was able to help me find a good template for Hannah Medina’s Outstanding Art award. Then I had to order certificates for NAHS and have Principal Herman sign them. The senior cords didn’t come in on time, but other than that, I thought it was very successful,” Shrawder said. 

Both the teachers and the students put in hard work to make this event happen. 

¨I feel that it is a very special thing to be inducted into the Quill and Scroll Society. It is rewarding to be recognized for hard work that generally gets overlooked until this time of year,” NAHS and Quill and Scroll member Meghan Emery said.

Awards were given out based on rankings, classroom performance, and involvement in different activities. 

“I think it’s really sweet that Mrs. Sanocki gives us all a little something before the end of the year. We spend a lot of time getting this book ready for the student body. I think it’s not just really important to us yearbook members but also to the student body, so we try our best to appeal to everyone,” Ashlynn Vees, senior and member of Quill and Scroll, said. 

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