Champions League Reaches Its Conclusion

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The Champions League is coming to an end, and there is only one game left. This final is between Real Madrid and Liverpool. This is a rematch between these two huge clubs, as they played each other in the final just three years ago.

Three years ago, Real Madrid won the game 3-1 against Liverpool, but there have been a lot of changes on the teams. There are new signings and upgrades throughout the teams. 

The big game is on May 28th in the Stade de France stadium. 

Many are struggling to find a clear favorite in this game. Liverpool may have the advantage, but Real Madrid has surprised people time and time again. 

I also asked Fleetwood High School student Grant Hernandez and Cary Ploshay about their thoughts and they both had different opinions on this game. 

FAHS student Grant Hernandez says that Real is going to win, and the difference in this game will be the Real Madrid striker Benzema. FAHS student Cary Ploshay says that Liverpool will come away with the trophy, and the difference will be Divock Origi. Divock has been known to turn up when Liverpool needs it the most, scoring in many important games for Liverpool. 

According to, Liverpool is higher in the betting lines, so Liverpool may have more of a chance to go home with the trophy

Either way, this will be a competitive game between two historic clubs, which will make it entertaining no matter the outcome.

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