Reporter Bio: Joshua Tiemann

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Joshua Tiemann, or Josh, is the vice president of the Tiger Times newspaper at Fleetwood Area High School. Josh is currently a senior in high school at Fleetwood. Josh is a Christian man who frequently goes to church. Over this past summer,  Josh worked at Grings-Mill, where he did basic maintenance work. Josh does not have a job currently but has been mowing lawns for quite a while now. Josh considers himself an outdoorsy man, as mowing lawns and developing a work ethic from it is something on which he prides himself. Josh plans on going to Penn College of Tech for computer design; he took a course in high school and immediately liked the idea.  Josh’s father is an engineer, and Josh would like to follow in his footsteps, even if it’s not the same type of engineering. While he did play baseball in middle school, Josh is currently not enrolled in any sports or clubs. He did, however, join the history club during his junior year of high school, but he didn’t like it much. Some things to know about Josh are that he is a nonfiction fan. Josh is a football fan; his favorite team is the Ravens.  He also enjoys playing video games.  While Josh is the vice president of the Tiger Times, he did not pick to be in this class as his choice. He had taken Journalism because he had no other choice, and while he wouldn’t pursue a career in it, Josh is very interested in writing for the newspaper and seeing what it has in store for him

By Owen Williams

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