Reporter Bio: Owen Williams

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Owen Williams has various stories and experiences that show who he is and strives to be. He is currently a junior, and his favorite class is psychology. Beginning with his family, he has both a younger brother and a sister. Dad is an entrepreneur; Mom stays at home; and his stepdad is a police officer. Journalism is something that he enjoys, particularly writing about topics such as politics and local news. After finding out that Journalism is not the best money, he wants to get a psychology degree or possibly go into the military. When he’s not at school, martial arts and Kickboxing take up most of his time. Something interesting about him compared to other teens would be the fact that he fights for other people’s enjoyment. Some other things he does in his free time arevisitingNorte Sur (Mexican Restaurant) with friends as well as acting as a janitor at AMC. Something interesting and unique would be the fact that he enjoys Punk Rock. Discipline and goal setting are his biggest accomplishments, which have led to a better personal life. Speaking of life, his biggest fear is not having enough time. This should give a brief perspective as to who Owen Williams is.

By Joshua Tiemann

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