Neiman Named New FAHS Assistant Principal

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As of the 2022-2023 school year, former science teacher Ms. Jennifer Neiman has taken the role of assistant principal at Fleetwood Area High School, replacing Mr. Thomas Salpino II. 

The science teacher of 15 years decided to apply for the job when she realized she enjoyed taking part in larger problems in the school. 

While working with the school, Neiman also received additional leadership training through a program in Harrisburg called “Emerging Leaders.” 

When the school year started, Neiman was prepared to help all students but was taken aback by the hectic schedule. Rather than her structured schedule as a teacher, something new happens every day; even scheduled meetings can be altered if there is an issue Neiman needs to tend to. 

“There are pluses and minuses to both. I like the more involved problem-solving I get to do as an administrator,” Neiman said. 

Something Nieman is looking forward to is being able to work with everyone in the building instead of only those on her class roster. 

The role of assistant principal is about discipline but also cultivating relationships with students. Neiman’s teaching career allows her to go into this new job with the trust of her former students who are already comfortable with and respectful to her. 

Principal Mr. Stephen Herman believes this is what makes her such a great fit. 

“She has worked here for years, so she knows the staff and the students. The students knowing her personality helps with the transition,” Herman said. 

Overall, Neiman has adjusted to her new job smoothly. She understands what the school is striving to achieve but, most importantly recognizes, what the students are also looking for.

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