Reporter Bio: Landon Roth

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Landon is from Blandon, Pennsylvania, and he has lived there for almost his whole life.  He was born at the Reading Hospital and has gone to Fleetwood from kindergarten to third grade. He then moved to Ephrata in Lancaster. He stayed there from third to fifth. Now, Landon is back in Fleetwood.

Throughout the years, he has been in Fleetwood, he has made many friends who he will remember for the rest of his life, and he is glad he came back. He likes how the faculty teaches here. He loves going to all the activities and sports games that are offered. He has seen many things and has done many things while enrolled in Fleetwood. His favorite things to do are play video games and basketball with his friends. His favorite place he has gone isOcean City, Maryland. 

He is looking forward to this school and liked his past school years. He has been in advanced classes up until last year. He had to get out of them because he went virtual. He is excited about this class because he wants to get better at writing. Landon doesn’t mind writing; he thinks it is fun. Another thing he likes is music. He likes all genres of music. For him, it really depends on the music. He is very excited and ready for this school year, and he likes tons of stuff and gets along with people pretty well.

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