Davin Millisock Is a Sophomore Soccer Star

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Fleetwood Area High School student Davin Millisock has outdone himself for Fleetwood’s soccer team this season. Davin is in the graduating class of 2025 and is a soccer star who just keeps getting better and better.

Davin has been playing soccer since he was three years old. He really got into the sport by watching his older brother Avery play. His parents decided to put him in a Reading Rage club for children ages 8 to 18 as well as the elementary school team.

Davin was inspired a lot by watching professional soccer players.  Watching these players made him strive to be the best that he possibly could be, which is why he started varsity his freshmen year, scoring 8 goals and earning 9 assists. For a freshman, this is amazing. 

This season, he scored 6 goals and 11 assists, which puts him at the top of the Fleetwood stats.

 “We call him Messi for a reason,” junior Fleetwood soccer player William Maurek said.

Davin Millisock’s parents have influenced his life for the better, attending every single game of his soccer career and even running some of the stands for the Fleetwood soccer team.

Davin Millisock is also an amazing student. He is enrolled in AP world history, accelerated bio, accelerated geometry, zoology, Spanish 3, coloring and painting, and English 10.  

“He is smart, he’s a great student, and he works hard!” fellow classmate Gabe Siegfried said.

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