Philadelphia Sports Teams Having a Great Season

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Philadelphia sports teams have local fans excited about their winning performances.

The Eagles started their season undefeated. The Phillies made the World Series out of nowhere. The Philadelphia MLS team, the Union, made it to the MLS Cup. Along with all of this, the 76ers and Flyers have looked impressive early in their own respective seasons. 

One thing that is clear is that local fans love what the teams are doing 

“I’m most excited for the Eagles,” Fleetwood Area High School senior Ryan Moser said. 

“I would like to see the 76ers make a run for a championship,” Fleetwood Area High School English and Sports Media teacher Mr. Andrew Good said.

The fans are also a big factor when it comes to the success of the teams. Opposing teams have to come to Philly and endure a crazy, loud environment, making it tough to play effectively. Not only do fans show up to the home games, but they also travel very far to opposing teams’ stadiums. 

“The Eagles were just in Houston, and they said they felt like they had a home-field advantage,” Fleetwood Area High School technology education teacher Mr. Jonathan Heck said. 

“The fans here let us know when we do bad and let us know when we do good,” Moser said.

The city of Philadelphia has a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to its sports teams. 

This kind of success is something that rarely happens for most teams, but for Philadelphia, it wasn’t that long ago that there was a similar situation.

“2017/2018 saw the 76ers, Eagles, and Flyers all make the playoffs, with the Eagles winning the Super Bowl,” Fleetwood Area  High School science teacher Mr. Todd Driesbach said.

As the year goes on for these teams, local fans hope that this is only the beginning of their success.

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