COVID-19 Still Affecting Classrooms

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For two years, the American education system saw unprecedented changes to environments and structure. How did Fleetwood handle the change?

Covid-19 created a shift in classroom dynamics that affected both students and teachers. Some things made a positive change, while others are still plighting the school with disconnectivity and fear.

As students and staff looked back on their socially-distanced time, they considered all that they had gone through. 

“I always regretted that I didn’t have the time then to make things more fun,” FAHS English teacher Karen Sahaydak said.

There are many things that people would change about the past if given the chance.

“If I could go back, I would encourage students to have had more communication with one another,” FAHS junior Gabriella Williams said.

COVID-19’s changes continue to affect life at Fleetwood today.

“It took a lot to get students playing confidently again,” FAHS band director Ms. Elizabeth Mahovsky said.

Psychological changes have affected both students and teachers as well.

“Mental health issues that came about due to the school closing were profound and so very unfortunate,” Sahaydak said.

Amongst the struggle, students and staff found aspects that they deemed successes.

“Having all your assignments on Google Classroom helps with organization,” Williams said.

“It has taught me to be more organized and to always be ready to adapt to change,” FAHS senior Laura Menet Said.

Fleetwood has been faced with many challenges as a result of Covid-19, but it has prevailed and seen the positive amongst the negative.

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