Reporter Bio: Christopher Martinez

Posted on January 23, 2023 by


Chris Martinez is a Sophomore at Fleetwood Area High School. He was raised as the youngest of five children in a Spanish-speaking household. Growing up bilingual has made him feel separated from others at times because he was different, but he appreciates his special ability to communicate now that he is older. His greatest role model is his older brother Ruben, whom he calls, “the smartest sibling.” He strives to be a good student and son, and he has learned from his past to become the person he is today. 

One of the larger struggles Chris has dealt with in the past is his academic capabilities through COVID. He is now working to get back to the A and B averages he achieved before Covid. Right now, he is taking a journalism class, which is what has brought him to the newspaper. His goal is to improve his writing and time management skills. He also describes himself as quiet or awkward, so joining journalism will probably improve his people skills as well.

When he needs to destress, he goes to the gym. He cares about his physical and mental health and goes to the gym to work out and create friends. He prioritizes his friends and spends time with them if given the choice. His favorite activity to do with his friends is to play football or hang out in the park. When he’s not with his friends, he enjoys spending time with himself, mostly playing video games.

Chris is a shy, but friendly, person who cares for his family, friends, and future.

By Lauren Kile